Rich Tone Music

“With CBIZ’s help, we have made an investment in these amazing tools which will continue to support our business with cutting edge functionality for at least another 10 years. I have far less worries about how we’ll manage day-to-day tasks and I have the time and insights to make better decisions. I see more of my family and although I am still busy, I am able to be far more proactive and strategic. You can’t put a value on that.”
— Richard Thomas / Founder & CEO, Rich Tone Music

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“The CBIZ team (from sales and consultants, to customer service) has provided us a fantastic service, helping us to fully implement Microsoft Dynamics NAV (sales, purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse, quality and finance modules) and supporting us effectively at every stage of this complex process. From the beginning they understood our specific needs and adapted to them, working as true partners, always looking to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.”
— Kevin Martin / Managing Director, Exwold

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“Cbiz very quickly understood exactly what we needed as a business. They took the time to listen and understand our requirements. They knew what we needed the system to do. They helped us with various developments for the business we now have a system that’s right for the business and for our planned future expansion.”
— Jeremy Martin / Chief Executive, Metalliform


Ashridge Consulting

“Since introducing Navision [Microsoft Dynamics NAV], the business has grown by 200% and Navision has been there every step of the way to facilitate the expansion and offer powerful tools to look for trends, create general audit trails and keep administrative procedures tightly controlled.”
— Dave Jones / Systems Administrator, Ashridge Consulting



“Experts from CBIZ spent time looking at how the business needed to run, understood what we needed and what was appropriate for us. We said how we want it and how we want it to work — and it arrived just like that. Subject matter expertise and support were excellent. Implementation was as smooth as you can imagine. We were literally up and running overnight”.
— Kevin Ross / Managing Director, Solo


Wyecliffe Galleries

“We chose CBIZ as they were highly recommended from an associate gallery, and we like Microsoft Dynamics NAV as it is future proof, trustworthy software and will allow us to keep close track of stock and spend more time with our clients. We expect return on our investment within 9 months and hope to see 25% growth and productivity and 25% more time back”.
— Ben Fry / Gallery Director, Wyecliffe Galleries


CBC Computer Systems

“We needed an upgrade to our systems – we were looking for local provider.  We chose Cbiz for their willingness to be flexible and knowledge of Dynamics NAV. They were good at getting to the key issues and didn’t over complicate things. We have benefitted from increased customer satisfaction and creating more time for the sales team.  We have automated what was a very manual process”.
— John Philips / General Manager, CBC Computer Systems Ltd


What our customers have to say

See what Ashridge had to say about their experience working with us

How CBIZ helped Ashridge business school

With all of their data kept in different & disconnected spreadsheets and systems, it wasn’t easy for Ashridge to pull the information they needed in order to make good business decisions.

Having to manually input information over and over again meant that invoicing and forecasting were time consuming. We helped Ashridge to centralise their information into a single system. This gave them access to real-time data wherever and whenever they need it.

Watch the video to see what Ashridge had to say about working with us.

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