If you ship truckloads of raw resources and materials, CBIZ can help to make the process easier, by implementing a weighbridge integration solution to input the weight directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Find out how we helped Stema UK with their business challenges.

How the weighbridge integration works:

  • The weighbridge weighs the trucks, and instead of weighing each one twice (empty and full), CBIZ can help you save time by identifying the truck via its registration plate and confirming the empty weight.
  • The weighbridge connects to the depot computer and then to the server. CBIZ creates a bespoke page for each client to monitor the sales line easily from within Business Central
  • Users simply select the haulier from a lookup option in Business Central or enter the registration number to find the weight of the empty truck before generating a code from the weighbridge to give the weight of a full truck
  • The code is validated in Business Central, which then calculates the weight of the raw material by comparing it with the weight of the empty haulier. The next step is to test the actual amount on the truck against the amount on the ticket and whether it is within the tolerance of the order.
  • A shipment ticket is then printed which shows the weight of the truck. The driver uses this as proof of delivery and customers sign the ticket to confirm. A copy of the ticket can then be sent back to Business Central via the Chronoscan tool.

Benefits of the weighbridge system:

  • Provides accurate sales order amounts and shipments.
  • Checks to confirm the amounts are within the tolerance of the haulier.
  • Saves time spent with each haulier, reducing backlogs.
  • Streamlines processes.
  • Can be used in other processes too (e.g. stock checks).

If you would like to save time when measuring and processing weight data then CBIZ can help.


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