Personalised Microsoft Dynamics NAV: How It Works

Our consultants will work with you closely to build a fine-tuned and flexible business system

Our experienced consultants will take the time to thoroughly understand your business processes, and build a personalised Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution. We will then demonstrate how your business will work and benefit with the new solution.

Optimising your processes into a new system enables different teams in your business to work better together with real time insight and reports as required.

Benefits Of A Personalised Approach

Solutions built to match your business requirements to transform the way you work

 Solves Specific Problems

Personalising a solution to best match your business requirements brings insurmountable efficiencies and productivity. You can benefit from the best of both worlds, by starting with a base solution which includes great features, and then add to it to fit your business perfectly without compromising future upgrades.

 Time Savings

By optimising each process everyone will start to work faster and with greater ease. Each person will have access to the exact information they need, when they need it so they can make informed decisions.

 Tailor Fit

We can also select from a vast array of tried & tested add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics (NAV & CRM) to tailor the solution to meet your precise requirements. This provides the benefits of extending the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics without the need for a bespoke solution.

 Gets Everybody Working Faster

With a system that is designed to match the way you work, everyone, including new starters, will get up and running in no time and be more productive quicker.

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The Process

Five easy steps towards transforming your business


Contact Us

Contact us so that we can openly discuss your needs and the suitability of our solutions, with no obligation to take things further.


Understand Needs

Once you agree that the proposed solution offers the perfect match for your business goals, we’ll arrange an interactive demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV specially centred around your business requirements (typically 1 hour).



Having seen Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s capabilities and agreed on the project, we’ll then discuss details, establish timelines, and ensure you are comfortable with the solution.


Finalise The Solution

We will work with you throughout the planning phase and provide you with plenty of opportunity to discuss any points with us and ensure that you are comfortable with the solution.


Launch The Project

With your entire project planned out, the details refined and dates in place, we can then start working on implementing a new system to transform your business.

How We Helped A UK Business Grow Globally

By enabling them to scale easily on a global basis and increase turnover

What We Did

CBIZ introduced a complete solution using Dynamics NAV software, which enabled the organization to see its data in one place.

We provided a clearer view of cash flow & profitability so they could see the income due from customers and the money owed to suppliers from one dashboard.

They were able to scale quickly and easily using a system, which grew with them, allowing them to trade globally and without any additional staff costs.

Automated processes now do all the mundane work rather than the people, keeping return on investment fast and focused.

The Impact

  • Productivity and profitability increased as all staff globally were able to interact with data within one system
  • Turnover accelerated rapidly with minimum cost
  • The company was able to grow using the same system
  • Tasks were made easier through the system, enabling the company to do more and win more, faster and easier

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