ExpandIT Client Manager ensures optimal use of NAV-Sessions and makes the system safer where users frequently leave their workplace.

Further details and examples use cases are as follows:

  • ExpandIT Client Control is installed with the installation script on all external locations.
  • Remote users are notified and asked to terminate their NAV/Navision user session before a routine maintenance of NAV/Navision. After 15 minutes the sessions still active are terminated.
  • The ‘most’ idle session is terminated to ensure access to NAV/Navision for new users and session based systems integration.
  • All users outside Finance and IT are allowed one user session only.
  • Users required to run heavy reports are allowed an extra user session and their ‘Activity Detection’ is set larger than zero to ensure that a session running a report is not terminated as idle.
  • The IT manager can document session usage and calculate when new sessions should be ordered to meet the required service level.

Product functionality and advantages in brief:

  • List running clients.
  • Send messages to NAV/Navision users.
  • Terminate user sessions running on remote machines.
  • Central management of ExpandIT Client Control configurations.
  • ‘Most’ idle session ensure access to NAV/Navision
  • Show process information for users sessions.
  • 99 user group option sets.
  • Limit number of sessions per user for one user or groups of users.
  • From Navision 1.10 to NAV 2018.

“We can manage access to Navision, ensuring that employees are not using Navision in a given period, is automatically switched off. It allows that other people can connect and we don’t have to invest in additional Navision licenses.”

IT Manager – Taylor Smith Group

If would like greater control over how your users access NAV/Navision then CBIZ can help.


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