CBIZ selects products that integrate easily and powerfully with Dynamics 365 Business Central to help our customers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and make data entry faster and more accurate.

The ChronoScan document scanning software is one such product allowing companies to scan batches of paper documents into a single PDF file for electronic storage. If required, the system can extract the single documents from the PDF file using OCR or Bar Code recognition.

The single documents can then be used for individual electronic filing (locally or on the cloud), automated and accurate data entry into your ERP system or simply linking the electronic documents against the transaction in your ERP system for fast and efficient retrieval.

Features Include:

Barcode Reading

Extract both 1D and 2D barcodes from documents and add them to fields.

Database Lookup

Direct validation or data field fill from existing databases.

Zonal OCR

Choose specific sections of documents to extract and specify data types & multiple parameters.


Automatic file processing, extraction and recognition tasks without scripting needs or command lines.

Nuance OCR Plugin

Read low-quality or poor documents, increasing application performance, improving OCR Triggers precision and zonal confidence.

PDF Data Extraction

Automate repetitive PDF processing tasks, field and table extraction from files. Import PDF files with native text to convert to Excel, CSV or XML.

CMIS Exporting

Export data entry and documents to any CMIS-ready server, such as SharePoint and Alfresco. Works with native output modules and conversion modules.

XML/CSV Export

Convert documents to XML and CSV without user intervention, create data structure for scanned and PDF documents and automate workflow extraction.

Detail Lines

Capture all the relevant data from documents, extract line item data and validate them. Automatic document type detection and multiple field configurations.

Advanced Document Scanning

Save hours on scanning and organising documents, plus scan from any source.

Flexible Document Separation

To improve scan applications. Use IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition), Barcodes or Patch Codes.

Complex Report Dismount

Convert complex reports to a structured data format, splitting each record into independent processing units and structuring visually complex documents.

If you’re disappearing under mountains of paper speak to us to see if we can use Chronoscan to assist you.


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