Take your business to the future

Transform your business with the powerful combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Office 365 and the Cloud

Award winning Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 on the Cloud is a full business solution that runs on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

As a complete solution, our specialists will transform your finance, supply chain, warehouse and reporting and ensure full integration with Office 365 productivity software — Excel, Word, Lync (Skype for Business).

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office 365 on the Cloud harnesses the power of the cloud to help you manage your business without the cost, resources, frustration and time of managing it yourself.

Business Benefits

Boost operational efficiency by integrating Microsoft Office 365 into your business

 Reduced Cost

With everything reliably and securely being looked after on the Cloud, there will be no cost of maintaining servers and more time to look after your business.

Remote Access

All your people will be able to access the information they need in the office and remotely from mobile devices, adding to efficiency and productivity.

Fast & Reliable

Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Office 365 on the Cloud provides a fast and reliable way to look after your business information, allowing you to focus on your business.

One System

You will benefit from having all your data in one system, providing you with consistent process and accurate data with state of the art reporting.

 Achieve Growth

Achieve your productivity and growth targets with streamlined processes and automated tasks providing you with full alignment across your whole business.

Easy To Use

The system is intuitive and agile and provides full integration across all modules with real time information, allowing your people to work seamlessly with no need for rekeying.

Changes You Can Expect

Easy to use software across your entire business

Easy to use

The interface is intuitive and easy to use so users are able to work seamlessly between applications; as well as being able to access and share reports and documents anywhere at any time.

By increasing productivity and profitability you will be able to grow your business with more control and insight.

Business insight

Good insight into your data provides the cornerstone to fast and accurate decisions, which drives business forward.


Having a solution like Dynamics NAV and Office 365 will help to streamline your business, making staff more productive, reducing effort and stress whilst increasing collaboration.

Staff are able to share information quickly and easily between departments.

Work smarter

  • Reduce time, cost and stress with no servers to maintain.
  • Trust your data for effective decision making.
  • No more system freezes, lock outs and crashes.
  • Full scalability
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Full remote access enabling staff to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Effective reports with no more need to create and maintain multiple spreadsheets.
  • One system, one source of truth.

Increase efficiency

  • No more manual inconsistent procedures.
  • Less stress and time wasted.
  • No more running around to get the correct information.
  • Streamlined and effective planning.
  • No more reams of paperwork and spreadsheets.
  • Knowledge accessible by all.
  • Streamlined effective reporting