Boosted Productivity

Do more with less

With mundane tasks replaced by automated processes, fewer people will be able to look after more. This helps you to grow your business volume, without a related growth in head count.

Get up and running quickly

Our business solutions provide seamless transition and integration from your existing system, and by using familiar intuitive interfaces, there will be no need for extensive training.

No more spreadsheets

By having your data in one central Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, real-time joined up data is easy to find — eliminating the time consuming task of maintaining and searching for information across multiple spreadsheets and systems.

Save time

Get more done every day using familiar, intuitive interfaces to access role and task-relevant information. Staff will make the best use of their time, reduce risk of error and increase productivity by working with automated, streamlined information from one central database.


 Improved Team Collaboration

Work from wherever you are

Our ERP & CRM software solutions make teamwork easier than ever, allowing people to work from where they are instead of having to wait for people to be in the office.

This frees people from having to be in the office, improving productivity and creating a more motivated work force.

All your departments working from one system

Geographically fragmented teams will be able to work together and collaborate on documents, ideas, proposals and issue resolutions at the same time.


 Take Your Business Mobile

Ease of access

Work remotely on and offline. You do not need to have permanent Wi-Fi or data connection. Our solutions work on line and off line so you can stay productive even when outside network coverage.

Mobile sales force

Your sales people will have instant access to up to date information via their mobile device, enabling them to provide instant quotes and orders to customers, allowing faster delivery.

Mobile warehouse

A bar code device which links directly to the system, provides real-time functionality in the hands of your warehouse staff, boosting productivity and precision.

Make use of downtime
By being able to update information on the move you can be much more productive and no more wasting time while waiting at the airport or for a meeting etc.
With our flexible Mobile Sales, Engineering or Portal Information – you can have up to date information and make approvals wherever you are. This can be from your smartphone, laptop or specialist PDA. Whichever way, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.


 Flexible Software That Scales With Your Business

Seamless transition & growth

​Increase in size and revenue without the risk of losing control and profitability while trying to meet the increasing demands on your resources. Our solutions will enable you to scale easily with minimum costs.

Future-proof your business

Microsoft ensures they are keeping ahead of the game with latest technologies that also integrate seamlessly with popular office software.  This offers you the assurance that your system will grow effortlessly with your business.


 Increase Customer Satisfaction

Convert, retain & satisfy customers

The business software tools allow you to keep your customers satisfied and loyal with personalised experiences, rewards and recommendations.

Loyalty & credibility for your brand

Higher levels of performance reinforce your reputation as a company that looks after its customers.  Our solutions help you increase your customer satisfaction levels by being responsive, flexible, accurate, and fast.


 Increase Profitability & Revenue

Sell online easily

Get more sales by extending your existing business online with a fully integrated web shop solution.

Managing your pipeline more effectively

Identify the most valuable leads from automated and streamlined processes and workflows to make the most of your pre-sales efforts.