Jet Reports

Jet Reports makes it easy to get well-formatted reports about your business from the valuable data that exists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & other systems.

Based within Microsoft Office Excel, you work in a familiar environment to extract data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with manually or automatic refreshes to provide the latest information as & when needed.

Use your spreadsheet to simply create or to update your charts within your Excel Dashboards and Pivot Tables. Making Excel your familiar, flexible and reliable software solution for business reporting.


Credit Hound

Credit Hound is the inexpensive, award-winning credit control software that streamlines credit control in your business. It is designed to help you reduce the time it takes to get paid – improving your cash flow and saving you time.

With easy to follow credit chasing, you can focus your credit controllers on the most urgent funds to collect. Built-in Letter templates allow you to streamline the whole process and keep the right people informed of progress.



In a typical month, your accounts department alone produces hundreds, even thousands, of documents such as invoices, delivery notes, credit notes, statements and more. Spindle Professional automatically sends these out and simplifies the whole process. With just one click, you can send documents to multiple locations by email, fax and print.

It even stores them on your shared drive or SharePoint for easy access; freeing up time and saving your business money.



It has the flexibility you need to create an e-commerce solution tailored to the unique needs of your business, helping to drive more traffic to your store, convert browsing into buying and boost online revenue.

Magento gives you the ability to create rich, differentiated consumer experiences from the desktop to mobile, and to tailor back-end work-flows to your business.

It has the flexibility and scalability to add functionality and to integrate with other enterprise systems.



Provide your teams with the ability to work with the right information wherever & whenever it is needed.

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central providing a platform where users can collaborate easily with other individuals in the business – or externally.

Everyone can become more productive with SharePoint as it works in conjunction with your other technologies like Microsoft Office and Exchange. You can also reduce costs because your business will be on a consolidated, single platform.


ConnectIT by IDYN

User friendly and flexible software that meets all the systems integration requirements you could wish for. Users don’t need advanced technical knowledge to set up interfaces and systems integration. In fact, an interface can be created in no more than a couple of minutes.

ConnectIT is a low cost and fast systems integration solution offering savings on interface development and maintenance. It allows you to import and export data directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central real time, so you can be confident your data is accurate and up to date.



Tasklet Factory provides mobile Warehouse Management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The mobile solutions run on handheld computers that connect directly to your ERP system, providing real-time functionality in the hands of your warehouse staff, boosting productivity and precision.

A ready-to-use mobile warehouse solution can be implemented in a few days.

With offline capabilities, our solution works even when you do not have continuous access to your WiFi network in the warehouse.



NAVconnect empowers you to synchronise all your data in real time between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central back end system and your online webshop, such as Magento.

Coordinating your data with other webstores such as Amazon and eBay is just as easy. It also enables you to control and upload your data in bulk and optimise media for your product marketing.  All invoices and shipments are available to view and send automatically.