Customer Relationship Management Explained

This short video by Microsoft explains what CRM is and does

What CRM Does

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) first became well known as powerful software for customer management in the 1990s by helping increase sales and marketing efficiencies.

CRM software provides efficiencies in the management of all aspects of sales processes including the important task of managing opportunities in your pipeline. It provides up to date information on your business intelligence, as well as enabling you to effectively manage campaigns and all your customer information.  CRM also increases productivity by automating processes such as orders, purchase orders and quotes.

With data served from the Cloud, a CRM system helps your sales, marketing, customer service and helpdesk departments in managing information relating to customers and marketing campaigns.

 Benefits of CRM

  • Increases efficiency of sales processes
  • Allows effective pipeline planning and management
  • Helps Increase sales and revenue
  • Effective campaign management
  • Allows full visibility of customer information from one system