The Protel solution is an exclusive hotel management software designed for mid-market operators and large, individual hotels. It provides effortless processes and fast, reliable access to all crucial information, making check-in, check-out and looking after customers easy. It allows you to learn more about your guests and their preferences.

A well-established and internationally-used hotel management solution, Protel allows you to increase efficiency, boost profits and proactively manage occupancy levels. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV.

Using Protel and Business Central

Protel is used for check-ins, collecting payments and monitoring customer stay, and ensures all relevant information is sent to NAV to enable simple tracking of financial data.

As well as reflecting live sales information, NAV ensures that payment requests are assigned to the right customers, guaranteeing that all payments are collected at the right time.

Business Central allows further revenue analysis by department, category and associated costs. Revenue can be allocated anywhere as Business Central will filter it for you.

Users can define ‘departments’ such as rooms, spa and food and beverage, and ‘category’ to refer to beauty products in the spa, cleaning products and food consumption. Simply choose the most relevant terms for your hotel.

Other Benefits to Protel and Business Central

  • Analytical reviews.
  • Compare budget, actual and forecast figures, filtering by department and category.
  • Straightforward performance analysis.
  • Track profitability by category or department.
  • Greater control over costs.
  • Compare live figures to budgeted figures to quickly identify overspends and other problems.
  • Frees up time to focus on analysing finances.
  • Improved financial reporting.
  • Reduces time spent on checking invoices.

“Before implementing Protel, we were tracking our daily revenue, but now we are able to track revenue by department, making analysis easier. We can easily see which departments are more profitable in a single report, and we can then analyse further to identify which category the revenue relates to. We find NAV to be very reliable, and the information it extracts from Protel tallies with our real-world data tracking. I was reluctant at first to try out the system, in case it wasn’t able to provide us with what we wanted, but it was the right choice for our hotel and our needs.”

Khevin Meettoo – Chief Finance Manager (CFM) at 20 Degres Sud

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