Greater Control Over Your Customer Data

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives your teams the tools required to optimise marketing and increase sales, improve customer service and manage key contact information


For Sales

Provide your sales team with the information they need to provide exceptional service and keep customers delighted. As Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a fully integrated solution you can manage price information, basic receivables, alternative ship-to information, sales invoicing, discounts, orders and more all from one screen.

For Service Management

Integrate and utilise all your business intelligence across sales and marketing, customer service and support, with instant access to powerful, accurate data that will enable you to satisfy the needs of your customers. You will have a consolidated view about each customer so appropriate actions are taken against the value that customer represents to the business.


Effectively manage contact information and all interactions with clients so they receive the most appropriate information from you. Optimise new prospects so you can manage opportunities more effectively to increase customer loyalty and see the benefits straight on your bottom line. Get to know what marketing works and target the right people with the right message.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Access all customer relevant data in one place, allowing you to provide them with a positive, satisfactory service across all stages of your relationship with them.

Information At Your Fingertips

Keeping all of your customer data centralised means that your people have access to the information needed to manage all their touch points with customers effectively.

 Improve Your Bottom Line

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV your teams can focus on improving revenue trends, productivity and profitability whilst keeping customers happy at the same time.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV includes all of this powerful functionality right out of the box



  • Basic invoicing and receivables
  • Multiple currencies
  • Sales order management
  • Sales invoice/item/customer discounts
  • Item quantity or customer prices
  • Alternative ship to addresses


  • Shipping agents
  • Return order management
  • Drop shipments
  • Back to orders
  • Sales people
  • Approval workflow
  • Contract management

Optional Features

  • Order promising
  • Service contract/item management
  • Service order management
  • Service price management
  • Planning and dispatching
  • Task management
  • Outlook client integration


  • Contact classification
  • Campaign management
  • Opportunity management
  • Interaction management
  • Mail logging for MS exchange
  • Campaign pricing