The beauty of a web shop is that you can continue selling, 24/7, 365 days a year with a significantly lower cost than a physical store. However, it also involves a lot of manual work when it comes to processing orders, re-ordering stock and ensuring that all your data is up to date.

With the right technology in place, your store will work more efficiently without the hindrance of mundane and repetitive tasks as automated processes take over.

Our eCommerce solution provides you with all your information in one central system instead of multiple spreadsheets and systems. Your store and back office system will always be synchronised, providing your customers with a great shopping experience and accurate product and shipping information. You will also benefit from having more time and not having to re-key information across multiple systems.

Our solution works with any eCommerce software such as Shopify or Magento, and we are happy to implement Magento if you are just starting out. All your stock data will reside in one back end powerful system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and will be connected using NAV Connect, which will ensure that everything is synchronised in real time.

 Increase Productivity

Having a real-time view of inventory from one central database, means everything is updated and automatically ordered when stocks are low — providing you with accurate and up to date information.

Improve Efficiency

A growing business can become time consuming as demand exceeds resources. Dynamics 365 Business Central automates tasks allowing you to complete planning and reordering tasks in a fraction of the time.

Increase Revenue

Expand into new markets around the world and grow your business easily, without additional costs. Order cycle times are reduced which will retain returning customers and keep them happy.

Happy Customers

With all data accurately linked in real time between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and all your on-line and in store retail outlets, your customers will have a seamless & reliable shopping experience.

 Anywhere, Anytime

With business data accessible via the cloud, you’ll be able to manage stock levels, orders and invoices on the go, keeping your business flowing at all times, on any device you choose.

Rapid Setup

Get started quickly & easily without recreating content and information. Re-use existing stock information & upload information selectively (or en-mass) to your different distribution channels.

Customer Story: Leading UK Music Retailer

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central e-Commerce solution, one of our customers doubled turnover in just one year whilst gaining 20% time back. For full details, download the complete story below.

“With CBIZ’s help, we have made an investment in these amazing tools which will continue to support our business with cutting edge functionality for at least another 10 years. My passion for running the business has been reignited! I have far less worries about how we’ll manage day-to-day tasks and I have the time and insights to make better decisions. I see more of my family and although I am still busy, I am able to be far more proactive and strategic. You can’t put a value on that.”

Richard Thomas

Founder & CEO


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