In a fiercely competitive industry, with increasing customer demands, it is imperative that back-office processes are given as much attention as front of house, if not more, to drive efficiency and maintain control over spend and profitability.

One of the key challenges that face the industry is multiple systems not connecting or communicating with each other. This results in hours, if not days, wasted on reconciliations between systems, often leading to numerous errors and a lack of control over costs.

With all-encompassing Finance solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can have Finance, Purchases and Sales all integrated in one single business management systems. Vital systems such as Property Management, Food & Beverage, Point of Sales and Front Desk all contain part of what you need to see to effectively maintain control over the business.

At CBIZ, our Consultants have unrivalled experience in the hotels and hospitality industry. We implement a back-office system for Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and General Ledger transactions interfacing through Protel Hotel and Purchase Requisition software systems, such as Beeees.

Putting the key elements of all detail into one simple to use back office system provides you with real-time management information, automated uploads, visibility of revenue, costs and profits, better management of debt and credit, and much more. It provides you with the confidence that everyone is armed with accurate, up-to-date information to make routinely make better decisions that increase operational efficiencies, improves customer relations and ultimately drives business growth.

Real Time Management Reports

Key business performance metrics are available at any time for managers to easily make quick and correct decisions under heavy time constraints. Confidence in the data enables management to free up time to focus on making a difference.

Integrate With Other Systems

Integrate all your software systems, including PMS, Online Sales, Point of Sale and CRM into a single interface so they work with you, not against you. This avoids inputting errors, duplication of information and frees up resources to get more valuable things done. Examples of the integration include Protel and Beeees.

Control Costs

Track and manage costs involved with your company. Carefully managing expenses and wasteful practices will increase profit margins and improve cash flow, allowing you to invest in the business.

Increase Business Sales

By improving operational efficiencies, you can focus on ways to improve your customers’ experience leading to an increase in sales and business growth.

 Streamline Manual Processes To Automate And Improve Productivity

Being able to get more things done without expanding the team is great for the business and allows staff to take on more valuable and less mundane work, improving their job satisfaction.

Scalable Foundation For Continuous Process Improvement And Growth

A solution that can flex and grow with your business gives you a foundation that will stay with you, no matter how fast you grow or what markets you grow into. This leaves your managers free to focus on improvements and not questioning the data that they need to rely on.

Customer Story: Grange Hotels

Helping Grange Hotels to make operational efficiencies and control costs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

“We have worked with Cbiz for many years, throughout that time they have worked to help us meet our system objectives and support us through our growth and challenges. We have built up a friendly, agile and trusted partnership as they have looked after all aspects of our Dynamics 365 Business Central system…One good example of this fruitful partnership is helping us send e-Invoices, copy invoices and e-Statements to 95% of our customers.”

Vela Kuhaendran

Special Projects Accountant (Project Lead)

Grange Hotels

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