fleXipod electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) provides a fully-customisable mobile solution for real-time delivery confirmation of goods or services from customers. The amount of data captured at the point of delivery depends on your business needs, allowing you to capture anything from signatures, reason codes and photographs, through to customer satisfaction surveys.

Central Console

The system can be used to plan routes for deliveries or appointments. Using GPS, the handheld devices can be used to direct the drivers and, as it integrates in real-time with the central console software, the management team can monitor the progress of all deliveries and identify and respond to any issues that may arise.

The central console can also send e-mails confirming the actions recorded on the mobile with copies of the POD/worksheet/photographs attached as soon as the confirmation is received. 

Back Office Integration

Further integration is also possible with your back-end sales and inventory management systems, allowing stock levels to be adjusted down automatically after successful deliveries.

Sales invoices can be raised at almost the same time as the delivery is confirmed, and the integration can also prepare the warehouse for any inventory coming back in due to failed deliveries or customers returning items.

There are three methods for the integration between fleXipod and Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • The fleXipodiface application interfaces with your Dynamics 365 Business Central database by adding three tables, which allow data to be passed in either direction between the two systems
  • The fleXipod Public API is a web service that allows you to integrate directly with the central console, again bypassing data in both directions
  • A .csv file or Excel spreadsheet can be used to upload jobs to the central console


The key to the successful implementation of the mobile solution is the forms module, that lets you design all the forms that your mobile workforce will require throughout their working day. Forms can be triggered to be used at specific times of the day, when specific data is entered or when a specific action is performed. They can be used for:

  • Start of day vehicle or equipment checks
  • User manuals for specific products
  • Instruction manuals for actions required in specific situations (e.g. returning faulty goods)
  • Collecting signatures, reason codes, photographs, etc

The fleXipod EPOD can also help with the following:

Home/B2B Delivery

  • Ensure deliveries are made on time and in a consistent manner
  • Ability to identify issues quickly and offer speedy resolutions
  • Improve the scheduling and booking of deliveries by monitoring vehicle progress and re-routing/schedule as required

Field Service/Mobile Workforce

  • Ensure your mobile workforce has all the information they require to hand at all times
  • Track jobs, identify overruns and possible knock-on delays before they happen

Transport and Logistics

  • Monitor drivers to ensure legal and company requirements are followed
  • Reduce costs by replacing paperwork with remote reporting

If you would like to know more about fleXipod electronic proof of delivery, and how this can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics products then please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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