CBIZ recommends the Continia Expense Management software. It provides an easy interface which allows users to input expenses and mileage claims into the system, which then imports them automatically into Dynamics 365 Business Central. They are then processed by invoice or recorded to be dealt with via payroll.

Submit Expense Claims on the Go

Continia Expense Management gives your users the ability to enter their expenses and mileage from anywhere, with the option of using either the web portal or a mobile phone app.

The process is straightforward: take a photo of the receipt, provide some details on a form and submit. Everything is then automatically sent and imported into Business Central also possible to submit a mileage claim using a map of the journey.

As the form fields to be completed are controlled via Business Central, each business can customise these according to their needs. Depending on Business Central will determine which G/L account and VAT group to post it to.

Expenses via Company Card

The system allows managers to import a user’s company credit card statement and Business Central will then automatically match the transactions on it with expenses already sent. Alternatively, you can use this to create expense forms which the user can then populate with missing details and attach the appropriate receipts.

Automatic Synchronisation

Continia Expense Management uses job queues to import expense and mileage claims into Business Central for processing and can be scheduled to run as often as you like. The queues will send data to a user’s expense management account, allowing them to see a claim which needs their attention, whether they use the portal or the app. Business Central records each stage of the transaction, providing a complete, real-time overview of claims.

Approval Workflows for Everyone

Continia Expense Management doesn’t just allow for easy claims, it also provides a simple solution for approving them. Approvers can do this via Business Central or the Continia Web Approval Portal, giving them the flexibility to do this from anywhere that has wifi.

The approver is able to see the details on the claim and all attachments and receipts the expense user has submitted and can then approve, reject or place the claim on hold. They can also forward the claim for additional review and approval or attach their own documents and add comments.

The web portal means approvers don’t need direct access to Business Central, giving more people the opportunity to approve and without the need to wait until they’re back in the office to carry out claim approvals.

If you would like to know more about managing and processing expenses with Continia and Microsoft Dynamics products then please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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