Whether you’re looking to expand your bricks-and-mortar business into the digital world or starting out from scratch, eCommerce is a very accessible and potentially profitable channel.

The costs are low in comparison to physical businesses, you’re open to international trade, and it works 24/7, 365 days a year. Even setup is simple — you can use any eCommerce platform to set up your store, pick a nice template, upload your product information and in no time you’re selling to the world.

So far so good. Market it right and you’ll start making growing your business.

Where the problems kick in

However as you scale, a few problems will kick in and it will beg the question: is your eCommerce business prepared for growth?

When you’re into the hundreds of weekly orders, having to manually process all of them and still enter information into your accounts system too can become taxing. Ultimately the problem is that you’ll spend too much time on such mundane tasks like manual data entry (prone to errors), which leaves you with less time to focus on the important things your business needs.

In the graphic below, we’ve outlined the importance of preparing your eCommerce business for growth and how to avoid these common issues.

CBIZ.co.uk: Is your eCommerce business prepared for growth? Infographic

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