Microsoft’s Promotions to support Dynamics Customers

To help support businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV) – and other products – who are struggling in the current lockdown situation, Microsoft have created a new promotion.The aim of these is to help customers stay on their Enhancement Plan (EP) – formerly called the Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) – […]

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Navision Porsche

A brief history of Cbiz and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

39 years old today! Cbiz started all those years ago in 1981, just 3 years before the original version of Dynamics 365 Business Central was released. Back then it was called PC-Plus and made by PC & C in Denmark. Who would have known that 10 years after its launch, “Navision” would cross our paths? […]

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Making Tax Digital 2020 (MTD) update for Dynamics Business Central (Navision / Dynamics NAV)

The “soft landing period” has been extended The Making Tax Digital 2020 (MTD) for VAT “soft landing period” has been extended from April 2020 to April 2021. This means that the first VAT return that requires a proper ‘digital link’ will be your first return after April 2021.However, as discussed in this post, there are […]

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erp solution implementation team

6 Benefits of Implementing an ERP solution – With Results!

In this blog, rather than just provide a list of benefits from implementing an ERP solution, we wanted to go one step further. We have included quotes from our implementation team, giving their real-life examples of these benefits being delivered to customers. Deliver Excellent Customer Service Customer service is so vital that it is often […]

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Integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with Dynamics Business Central

When considering how to integrate Dynamics 365 CRM / Sales with Dynamics 365 Business Central there are a few things that need to be considered as there are different approaches to be taken. Integration from Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CRM) First let’s call out the Elephant in the room. While Dynamics 365 Business Central does […]

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on premise v cloud business central

Dynamics 365 Business Central – is on Premise Cheaper Than the Cloud?

Recently I was talking to a prospect that already has Dynamics NAV (the old name for Dynamics 365 Business Central) in his group of companies. He had approached CBIZ for some advice on how to expand its use to businesses with up to 50 users. I decided to investigate what the best option was: move […]

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What has changed with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Having gone through the many changes in the life of Dynamics 365 Business Central, I have been reflecting on this latest change to a ‘proper’ cloud solution. Functionally, it has been a side step; no separate cloud version, no new code base, no separate client to configure. So, I question why I feel that this […]

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A Marriage of Minds: CBIZ as Dynamics 365 Business Central Partner

We have recently engaged with a Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) partner to help on the Business Central part of their project. We always enjoy by partnering with other experts to solve an organisation’s problems, yet what I like about this particular opportunity is the way that the CFO has engaged the team. He was […]

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A Day in the Life – What it’s Like as the CBIZ Head of Sales and Marketing

Sometimes I get asked questions about what my day is like as Head of Sales and Marketing, so I thought best way to really answer those questions is to write a blog about it and explain how my typical day works. This Thursday morning, I stayed over in Grays in Essex and I have an […]

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