Your flexible App to help customers quickly order from you

It’s has been a long time since I’ve seen a company and product that has “knocked my socks off”, but on Monday we had a demo with SwiftCloud and their Sales Order App and Web Portal. I could see how this perfectly complements what we do with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The friendly approach, […]

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ERP - Cost or Investment?

ERP-Software: cost or investment?

Traditionally, ERP software is regarded as a cost. And though the conviction that the quality of available information influences the results of the company is spreading, cost-oriented thinking is still influencing companies greatly. Many companies are unhappy with their current software. Too much complexity in usage, shortcomings in innovation and insufficient flexibility are widespread complaints. […]

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QBShare and Dynamics 365

Another great QBShare event today (26th Sep). Thanks to the QBS team for pulling this all together. The main event for me was Marko (GM of Dynamics 365) clearing up the FUD created over the last few days and what is really going on with Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365, in a frank and open […]

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Is your business prepared for growth? (Infographic)

Whether you’re looking to expand your bricks-and-mortar business into the digital world or starting out from scratch, eCommerce is a very accessible and potentially profitable channel. The costs are low in comparison to physical businesses, you’re open to international trade, and it works 24/7, 365 days a year. Even setup is simple — you can use any […]

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