Teamwork for ERP Implementation

Why teamwork is the most important part of your ERP implementation

Following on from our last post about what we expect, we wanted to talk to you about TEAMWORK. Provider and customer both have a duty to carry out an ERP implementation together. After all, neither of them can do the job alone. Some companies can be a little wary of their ERP provider. Afterall, they […]

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What do we expect?

Expectations play a large role in implementing an ERP project. And is often the difference between satisfaction or disappointment about the process and getting results Halfway every ERP project, a substantial transformation takes place. After signing neccessary contracts there is a massive change of people who are directly involved. On the side of the customer, […]

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ERP - Cost or Investment?

ERP-Software: cost or investment?

Traditionally, ERP software is regarded as a cost. And though the conviction that the quality of available information influences the results of the company is spreading, cost-oriented thinking is still influencing companies greatly. Many companies are unhappy with their current software. Too much complexity in usage, shortcomings in innovation and insufficient flexibility are widespread complaints. […]

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We will transform your business

7-step checklist for changing your accounting software to an ERP system

Many growing companies eventually hit a roadblock in their path to success. In most cases, that roadblock comes from the systems & processes businesses rely on daily: the various spreadsheets storing data, limiting accounting software and a lack of synchronisation between data and people. You can only scale so much with a disconnected business before it struggles to keep […]

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Dynamics NAV provides the foundation that has future proofed their business

Are bad managers the cause of poor productivity, or is it bad technology?

Phillip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Andy Haldane, Chief economist for the Bank of England, seem to think bad managers are the cause of poor productivity. We have other ideas. In his Autumn Statement, Phillip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer stated in the media that “too many British workers work longer hours for lower pay […]

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What Microsoft Teams means for the future of business communication

Last week Microsoft unveiled the newest addition to their portfolio of business tools: Microsoft Teams, a chat-based workspace that lives right in your Office 365 portal. Office 365 already unifies important tools like the Office productivity suite, email and calendar — and thanks to Dynamics 365, even ERP & CRM applications. Now with this new […]

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